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YFA 4928



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This is part of the collection of films made by Sheffield teacher William Gordon Gregory.  This is the second section of the first part of a film showing how high quality steel is made and the various tests that are made to determine the quantities of added substances.

The film begins with a laboratory worker shaking a glass jar with yellow liquid in it and making notes.  Then a man is operating a lever which controls molten steel being poured from a furnace.  Another worker ladles it out with a long steel rod, while yet another worker pours out a tub of black material, possibly coke, onto the floor, which is being shovelled into the furnace.  This is followed by white powder and some grey stones being added.  Flames come out of the sides of the round furnace.  All the ingredients are mixed in the furnace.  Then some workers make some fittings to plug a large tub which the molten steel is poured into.  A powder is ground around the plug.  Other parts of the process are shown, including heating up materials in metal containers which are bolted together.

Back in the laboratory tests are being run, with notes being made of the amount of the ingredients being used, such as sulphur and other coloured liquids.  A diagram shows the process as a lab worker makes fine adjustments to the settings.  Various samples are made and tested.  Diagrams and photos show the internal structure of the steel being made.  A diagram shows the lines of weakness.  Molten steel is poured into a large bucket which is lifted up by crane, and the steel is released into ingot moulds.  A diagram shows how the steel cools inside the moulds and the structure it forms.  Inside the lab, notes are made for the ingredients that go into the electric furnace.

End title – The story of steel end of part one.