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YFA 4936



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This is part of the collection of films made by Sheffield teacher William Gordon Gregory.  This is the first section of the first part of a film showing how high quality steel is made and the various tests that are made to determine the quantities of added substances.

The film begins showing molten steel being poured into a container.  Then a block of steel is shown with 100 lb written on it and a block with 98.5 iron written on it.  Next a metal worker is hammering a piece of red hot steel on an anvil, followed by some examples of very thin and flexible steel: one piece retaining its shape when bent, another returning to its original shape.  There is a close up image of the surface of the steel and a diagram of its structure.  Steel is poured into a ingot moulds and a diagram shows the structure at different temperatures as it cools. Another diagram points out the stress points in the structure and how the molecules bond.  A piece of metal is shown breaking easily when hit with a hammer.  There is a 1/6 oz pile of sulphur, followed by 1/6 oz block of phosphorous.  A graph shows the cooling against time of ingot ‘C’.  The film finishes with another diagram showing the structure of the steel as it cools at a particular rate.