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NEFA 21615



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This film by South Shields filmmaker records a visit to Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast during August and September of 1965. At the time of filming Dubrovnik was in Yugoslavia, but is now in Croatia.

Title: The Story of Dubrovnik

Title: An Adriatic City State

The film opens with high angle views of the cityscape followed by views from a castle looking down at the coastline. More high angle views follow of the city and a number of church towers. General views show the old city with stone built houses and steep steps leading through narrow roads. Close up views show the old pan tile roofs which are typical of the city's architecture.

Women sit and chat, one wears traditional costume(?) The film cuts to show the rugged coastline and buildings followed by views of boats in the harbour. Detailed views show of fine stone carving on a series of arches. General views follow of architectural details on old buildings.

A high angle shot shows the magnificent fountain built by Onofrio della Cava, a round building with a round opening in the roof. Another view from a different angle and closer shot shows people sitting on its perimeter wall.

The film cuts to a brief view of a man selling textile goods, followed by a street known as Stradun or Placa Street which is the widest street in Dubrovnik. General views follow of the typical narrow streets of Dubrovnik.

A vegetable and fruit market with women in traditional dress is shown. Variety stalls sell other wares include a table piled high with flat soled shoes and shirts with intricate needlwork hanging on a line ready for sale.

More general views follow of the city architecture, followed by a small tram going along the quayside. Couples chat in traditional costume.

The film ends with a sunset over open water.

Title: The End