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YFA 1501



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This film is one of many comedies made by Leeds Movie Makers. The film gets its humour from the incongruity of 'stone age' people doing things associated with the modern age.

Title: 'Leeds Cine Club Present. . Stone Me'.
The titles are accompanied by a trumpet player in medieval dress.

The film begins with a stereotyped Stone Age scene with a woman knitting and a man making something on a rock with a sign saying: 'Arfer Brain Inventa'. A woman pulls a plough with a man, the farmer, following behind and grunting. The man gives up on his work and goes to see Arfer. He grunts a request, showing his seeds and a packet of Homepride flour. Arfer ponders, and then taps out a note on a piece of slate, puts a stamp on it and posts it. Meanwhile the man and woman are sowing Weetabix. Arfer receives a parcel from a DIY 'ACME' flour mill. As Arfer puts together the flour mill the Stone Age farmer has more trouble, first with goats and then with a water stand. Having finished making the flour mill a horn sounds for the end of work.

The farmer catches a 'bus', consisting of two men and a stretcher. A queue of adults and children forms for a 'Kentucky fried dynasor take away'. Taking their food with them, the crowd forming the queue gather around Alfred to watch him demonstrate his flour mill. But instead his contraption plays Vera Lynn singing, and they all cover up their ears. It then changes to the Nutcracker Suite and they break into dance. Meanwhile the farmer fetches a bucket full of water and drenches them all. Eventually the flour mill come record player catches fire and they all gather around throwing more things on. At this point Arfer hands out bread for all to make toast. The farmer emerges from behind a rock dressed to play cricket and he sets up the stumps, and the film comes to an end.