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The Old Pool Bank Village Memorial Hall was officially opened on 17th May, 1952 by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal. The money used for building was raised by the residents by means of whist drives, jumble sales, bring and buy sales, etc., mostly held in their own homes. The residents also did most of the digging and building works themselves by voluntary labour only paying for certain skilled work. As some stone from Pool Bank Quarries had been used for the re-building of the Houses of Parliament after bombing, a stone was placed over the doorway as a memorial to the Fallen. This was obtained from the bombed part of the Houses of Parliament by Colonel Stoddart-Scott of Creskeld Hall, Arthington. Prior to its building the "village hall" which had also doubled up as a Wesleyan Methodist Church, was an old stone cabin which had been used for the quarrymen's meals in the old Pool Bank quarry. Mr Whiteley's father, Holmes, sold the land on which the hall was built to the village for the princely sum of ten shillings.

The stone laying ceremony in front of a small crowd includes Mr D.H. Whiteley's mother, Kate, making a speech (his father, Holmes was ill) with S.H Westlake (a balding man) the Parish councillor standing behind her. Mr Whiteley's mother lays the stone. The man in the trilby hat is Ben Hartley, the Pool school headmaster from 1930. A Mr Waterhouse passes Mrs Holmes Whiteley the hammer. John Whiteley, David's brother stands next to his mother, Kate.