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An amateur film of the visit to Stockton-on-Tees by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh on Monday 4th June 1956 made by Leslie Brown, owner of a record and toy shop on the High Street. The film records the arrival of the royal couple, a civic reception taking place outside the town hall watched by patriotic crowds, and a drive through the streets. At Stockton Racecourse the 1st Battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment march on to the course and are inspected by the Queen. The final part shows the Royal Yacht Britannia anchored at Tees Dock before sailing out to sea.

The film opens with a view of Stockton-on-Tees Town Hall on the High Street, decorated with a large image of Queen Elizabeth attached to the wall along with the words ‘God Save the Queen’. Around the Market Cross are large displays of colourful flowers. A small film title card with a Union Jack is placed in the flowers.

Title: Stockton’s Royal Day Monday 4th June 1956

In the crowded High Street, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh arrive by car and are greeted by a number of civic dignitaries. They walk onto a raised platform and greet more dignitaries. The Royal Standard for the United Kingdom blows in the wind from a pole atop the town hall. Queen Elizabeth signs the visitor’s book. Close-up of the plaque on the wall of the town hall commemorating the royal visit.

After the ceremony, the motorcade with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip drive down the High Street past The Vine Arms Hotel. Crowds along the route wave flags as they pass, a number of people run along the pavement trying to keep up with the car. Overhead view as the motorcade passes Clydesdales. The royal couple drive down the High Street for a second time, this time passing The Shambles. Again, crowds line the route with some chasing after the car. With the royal party departed, the crowds on the High Street begin to disperse.

Title: The Racecourse Review

The royal motorcade arrive at Stockton Racecourse watched by a small crowd. The Queen and Prince Philip are introduced to a number of civic dignitaries before walking into the racecourse stands.

The film cuts to show views of a green caravan in the back garden of a house. There are then views both inside and out of a different red and white caravan.

Back at the racecourse, large crowds fill the stands and enclosure. In the distance, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip stand on a raised platform overlooking the racetrack, a Royal Standard flying from a pole nearby.

On the racetrack, the 1st Battalion The Loyal Regiment stands to attention as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip drive past standing in the back of an open top Land Rover. As the vehicle passes close to the camera, Prince Philip waves at the crowd. The film cuts to show the Land Rover driving in the opposite direction back towards the Loyals. As she passes close-by, Queen Elizabeth waves at the crowd. The Queen is driven by Land Rover up and down the rows between the soldiers of the Loyal Regiment.

As Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip step back onto the raised platform, the 1st Battalion comes to attention. The royal couple step down from the platform, get into their car and are driven from the racecourse.  Back on the racecourse, the soldiers begin to march away followed by a marching band. On the road outside the racetrack, a small crowd wave as the royal motorcade passes them.

The Royal Yacht Britannia is anchored at Tees Dock. A large crowd stand on the dockside looking at the ship.

With the sun reflecting on the water, Britannia sails out of the River Tees into the North Sea. A helicopter flies overhead and the film ends with a small crowd of people standing on the rocky shorelines watching as the Britannia disappears into the horizon.