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NEFA 14515



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An amateur film compilation made around 1930 of Stockton High Street on market day; hiking near to Cauldron Snout waterfall in Teesdale, County Durham, and High Cup Nick in Cumbria; the wedding of Malcolm Bone; and fly fishing.

Title: Stockton High Street, Market Day.

Traveling shot driving northwards along Stockton High Street, passing the Empire Theatre, the Shambles market and the old town hall. On both sides of the road there are market stalls. Off the High Street, an electric tram bus heads toward the camera.

Title: T’ween Cauldron Snout & High Cup Nick, Teesdale.

General view of a rural church. This is followed by a view of Cauldron Snout waterfall. Two men walk across moorland.

Title: Scenes from Malcolm Bone’s Wedding.

This scene records the bride and groom talk to a woman. The couple pose for the camera. Wedding guests stand in the gardens of a large country house. The guests throw confetti and rice at the happy couple as they get into a car and drive away. A young girl plays up to the camera.

Title: Norton Hall Gardens.

General view of a pond in the grounds of Norton Hall.

Title: "Tempting the Wily Trout" by Jack.

The film ends with two men wading in a river, fly-fishing.