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This is a film made by Debenhams and Co. of York of the celebrations to commemorate the centenary of booking the first rail passenger in 1825 by the Stockton and Darlington Railway Company.  The event includes a parade of locomotives and an exhibition, attended by the Duke and Duchess of York.

Title - The Official Film of the Railway Centenary
Kinemagraphed by Debenhams and Co. York, (1925)

A crowd of people stand on the track watching as locomotives come past on the other track.  The procession starts with LNER 6169 and is followed by 5900, 2563, 1163, 2395, and various other vintage railway vehicles.  Then people in Victorian dress disembark by ladder from early open top railway wagons being pulled by George Stephenson Locomotion 1. 

Dignitaries, including the Duke and Duchess of York, arrive at a large packed marquee, which is hosting an exhibition.  Outside more early and current railway locomotives and vehicles parade past.  Two large temporary stands have been erected to watch, each full of spectators.  The Duke and Duchess of York are shown around the exhibition. 

The film returns to the parade of engines. The plaque marking the centenary of the first booked passenger on the Stockton and Darlington Railway Company is shown.  The film switches to show a large crowd in Stockton High Street, outside the cinema and “Jack Trevor’s Royal Exchange Hotel” and the confectioners, A S Hildeth.

At the end of the High Street a stage has been set up in a mock castle where there is a performance with a historical theme.  The Duke and Duchess of York watch as replica Locomotion 1 passes, and this is followed by a train providing a history of transport, followed by other trains.  Back in the town centre masses have assembled near the Alexandra Hotel, where the Duke and Duchess of York have arrived to unveil the centenary plaque.  Another early locomotive goes past, and the Duke and Duchess of York walk along with their entourage.  The Duchess of York inspects a line of uniformed women.  They get into their waiting car and are driven off before seen emerging from a railway carriage and taking their seats in the stand.  Duke Edward gives a speech in the exhibition hall and the film finishes with his car leaving.