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NEFA 22232



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This amateur film looks at locations associated with the history of Stockton and Darlington railway, filmed in 1973. A last sequence records Darlington's restored North Road station in 1975. The film was produced by Stephen Fairbrother and his father, William Mercer Fairbrother.

The film begins with an exterior view of North Road station in Darlington. General views follow of a dilapidated station and offices. Inside, below an old style gas lamp, a notice reads tickets and trains. Another view shows some of the ironwork which holds up the roof. More general views follow of an old style ticket office window with wooden surrounds, a platform area and the single track with a footbridge over it.  

Outside the station, an old weather beaten station sign reads 'North Road'. A two-unit DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) travels through on a single track, passing under a roofed canopy. It carries on around the track's curve in the distance. 

More general views follow of the station and associated buildings. A diesel goods train pulling wagons comes through on another track.

The film cuts to a statue of Joseph Pease at High Row in Darlington town centre. There follows a view of an old building, on the ground floor of which is a cafe named El Vino. General views follow of an old bridge and some old single-storey station buildings.

Next, the film documents a signal box at Heighington. Then cuts to a small marshalling yard, terraced cottages, a small bridge, and the remains of a track embankment. A plaque on a wall has H1 in large letters with S&DR in smaller letters underneath.

A road sign reads 'Phoenix Row' and general views of a row of terraced houses, rough paths (former railways?) and old buildings in a state of ruin follow.

The early steam engine Locomotion stands at Darlington railway station. General views show one of the station platforms with trains coming through. A view of a railway notice is followed by more general views of the station. A diesel express draws into the station and stops at platform 1 to take on passengers.

Next, an exterior view of a renovated North Road Station. A plaque on the wall reads 'North Road Station - Built by Stockton & Darlington Railway - Opened in 1842.' Inside a man descends an iron spiral staircase. The station is now a railway museum with various items on display including old steam locomotives. One in green in and red livery comes into view.  Visitors wander round the display areas looking at engines and other items. 

The film cuts to show the replica of Stephenson's Rocket on show at the 150th railway celebrations at Shildon in 1975. The film ends as other engines go past for the crowds to view.

[Stephen Fairbrother and his father William made films featuring heritage railways and industrial heritage in the North East of England.]