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NEFA 21981



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An amateur film made by John Martin Jackson of the Stocksfield Show at Stocksfield near Bywell in Northumberland in 1982. The film begins with exhibitors arriving on site to set up stalls both inside a number of large marquees and outside on a field. Views show various stalls and exhibitions around the site are recorded as well as other events taking place on a showground including dancing, tug-o-war, Cumberland wrestling and a sheep dog herding a gaggle of geese into a pen.

The film opens on a wooden sign attached to a fence that reads ‘Stocksfield Show – Aug 28 29’. A car turns off the road into a field with two large marquees erected at the far end. Four men stand beside the entrance chatting as other cars drive onto the site.

General views of the site show a number of articulated lorries parked nearby and cars parked in front of the marquees. More general views show the frames of a number of stalls erected beside one of the marquee tents.

A queue stands outside one of the marquees, a sign attached to another reads ‘Stocksfeld Art Club. Paintings on view’.

Three men stand chatting outside one of the marquees. This is followed by views of a stall set up nearby with Union Jacks flying over the top. The Livery across the side of a double-decker bus reads ‘Twine. Third World Information North East’.

A couple unload goods from the back of their car onto the stall they are running. A woman and two boys stand next to their stall selling potted plants. General views show other empty stalls and a man sorting leather belts for sale. Coca-Cola crates are stacked on a stall, a hand-written sign above it reads ‘Pop’.

Inside one of the marquees, a woman works a wheel spinning wool. Sitting beside her are a number of other women working with raw wool. Along a trestle table are a number of woollen items and nearby two women knitting.   

The film changes to a different marquee and a display of flowers set up in decorative jars laid out along tables. On another table a display of prize onions and on a third a display of carved wooden objects including small tables.

Outside on the display ground a number of vintage and classic cars are parked next to each other while a number of men look over their engines and interiors.

The film cuts to show six girls on horseback, one of whom looks over to the camera before trotting off behind the others. General views show various riders and horses standing behind a rope fence. The film cuts to show one of the riders taking a jump as part of show jumping event. More views of the other competitors waiting to start their run follow.

An image of a black horse is stencilled onto the rear of a bus. A sign in the back window reads ‘The Alford Lines. Black Horse Tow Club’.

The film cuts to show a crowd watching two groups of men in rugby tops competing in a tug-o-war. The game ends and the two teams walk past each other off the showground.

On a small wooden surface laid out on the ground three women clog dance to an accordion accompaniment watched by a crowd standing around them. The dancing comes to an end and the film cuts back to another match of tug o war, the team closest to the camera in striped rugby tops pulling the hardest and winning the bout. General views follow of two other matches.

The film cuts to show a sheep dog herding a gaggle of geese around the showground watched by a crowd standing behind a rope fence. The shepherd stands beside an enclosure into which his dog managed to herd the geese. However, they immediately escape before the shepherd can close the gate.

Along a pathway a man tends to a large dog as people walk past. The film cuts to show two men taking part in Cumberland wrestling. One of the men grabs the other, spinning him around then drops him on the ground. They get up, shake hands and walk away.

The film ends on a group of costumed men and women dancing for a crowd on a small wooden platform.