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YFA 2170



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This film is a compilation of people, places and events in 1936 and 1942.  It covers the choir at York Minster School, repair work taking place at York Minster, Worksop College, erecting electricity pylons in Stillington, and National Prayer day in Stillington in 1942.

The film begins with workmen sawing timber into logs, before going on to show a line of boys in caps going into the Minster.  Several men emerge from the Minster, one man poses for the camera, doffing his hat.  Later, when there is snow on the ground, a group of boys walk across the grounds of the Minster School.  They are followed by more men who pose for the camera.  In no particular order, these are reported to be:  Master Holman, Marton Church, Minster Choristers, Mr Dean Owen P LeFranklin (organist), the Headmaster G.A. Scaife (elderly man with scarfe – no pun intended) and the Master Organist Sir Edward Bairstow (with pipe).

Renovation work is taking place at York Minster.  Stone masons are using drills, saws, and chisels to shape the stone.  From on top of one of the Minster towers, the film shows wooden scaffolding around the Minster as well as a view of the city.  A man climbs up a ladder to one of the towers where there is a bell.   Other workmen are working up on the towers, and two men descend down a lift.  From the top of a tower and looking down, the stone can be seen laid out in the yard.  Some of this stone is pulled to the top of the tower using pulleys.

There is a brief scene of a cricket match followed by a view of Worksop College from the front, including the College Chapel.  Some churchmen stand in the doorway.

The film switches again to a field where workmen erect a timber electricity pylon using ladders as props.  Reportedly this is in 1936 in the area of Stillington, Sheriff Hutton, and Marton.  A lorry arrives pulling cables across a field to another pole.  From on top of a pole, a workman can be seen standing below next to a brazier.  He then climbs up a ladder, which is leaning against the electricity pole, to pass on an electrical component.  One of the workmen is struggling in the wind.  He is trying to hold down a map resting on the bonnet of a car.  More poles are unloaded from the lorry and erected in the rain.
The final portion of the film features a group of scouts making a fire – reportedly the 1st Stillington Scout Troop on a patrol camp at Lion Lodge, Yearsley in York in 1942.  A group of scouts peel potatoes, and two scouts row a boat.  This is followed by another group of scouts hoisting a Union Jack flag in the yard of the Boys Club in Stillington.  Next, during a day of National Prayer, the local church officials lead a church parade through the streets of Stillington.  In the procession, they are followed by the Scouts and the Home Guard.  Many of the villagers walk along by the sides of the parade.  They make their way into Stillington Church, and the scouts lower the Union Jack flag before they march away.