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YFA 2171



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The film is a document of events in Stillington and surrounding area taken by G F (Freddy) Baker who owned an electrical shop in Easingwold.  It includes repairs to the methodist chapel, celebrations for the coronation of George VI and scouts camps.  Many of those seen in the film are identified.

The film begins with a shot of York Road in Stillington where a J.S. Metcalfe butcher's van can be seen. There are then shots taken from the front seat of a car driving along Stillington High Street, before a cricket match and a brief shot the Reverend H. W. Smith sat in his car.

Next is a shot of the exterior of The Boys Hall, where there is a sign advertising the existence of the "Scripture Union every Thursday Evening". In front of the village school, two boys (Les Moreland and Geoff Metcalfe) prepare the garden. Back at the Boys Hall, construction work is under way to renovate the Methodist Chapel. On the roof, two men (George Gospel, with moustache and Clarence Shepherd) remove the coping stones and make the necessary repairs, whilst two boys (one of which is Ted Wilson) carry timber planks inside.

The film then moves on to the coronation celebrations in 1937, where a Union Jack is raised on the flagpole of the Boys Hall, or Methodist Day School.  Two boys George North and Raymond Souter (or possibly Ted Wilson) leave the Boys Hall on their bicycles . George North shows a copy of the Coronation programme that they are selling to the camera, and Sparrow’s dog is nearly run over by a passing car.

In a field a tree is planted with a plaque that reads: "This tree was planted to commemorate the coronation of H.M. George VI May 12th 1937".  Three people, including Eric Bullen and Margaret Bullen (children of Dr Charles Bullen), are walking in the cemetry  where a commemorative tree is being planted, wathced by a small crowd, including Algie Richardson, Mrs Newman (or Miss Maskill) and the Rev. W Smith.

This is followed by a traditional maypole dance in the village, with Margaret Averil (the school teacher’s daughter) as the May Queen and Peggy North as her lady in waiting.  Olga Richardson (later Midgley) is stood next to them (in trousers).  Also there is Mrs Metcalfe (the school master’s wife) wearing a top hat.  Mrs Newman (in white hat) is walking with Margaret Averil and Peggy North.  The train bearers are Cath Morefoot, Roa Moreland, Cath North and Muriel Spruce, with Charilie Morefoot carrying the crown on a cushion.

Elsewhere, two men are dressed up as King (Frank “Trot” Knowlson)and Queen (Mr Algie Richardson) wave to the camera and the street parade continues. There is a donkey pulling a cart and a fancy dress parade – with Mrs Dorothy Shepard wearing a boa and Janet Richardson with blackened face, Lily Spence dressed as a peirrot and Nancy Bradley dressed in a white pinafore.  before the May Queen follows, her train carried by her attendants.

The next passage shows the Stillington Scouts in their neckerchiefs and woggles, going for a hike with sticks and hats. There are views of a camp at Robin Hood's Bay and a hike at Littlebeck. At Whitby harbour the scouts take a ride on a speedboat and one of them (Geoff Metcalfe) covers himself over to stop getting drenched.  They go for a swim in the sea, with one person doing swimming acrobatics and another swimming while smoking a cigarette.  Back at camp there are shots of boys playing at wrestling and climbing up a wooden pole.

A group of scouts are sat near a grass bank which has “1938” marked on it.  They board a single DMU train at Egton station.  They are next at a scout camp at Robin Hood's Bay, washing up and eating a meal, before heading to Sandsend and the Littlebeck swimming pool.   Some stand on a fence next to a railway line watching a train passes pulled by a steam locomotive.  They cycle along a coastal road and then stand on a swing rigged to a tree before walking along the River Esk.  The scouts cycle home to Stillington from Flagstaff Farm and the film comes to an end.

See background file for more names of those filmed.