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YFA 2666



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Stepping out, made by the Doncaster Cine Club, captures the vibrancy of entertainment which takes place at the dance and includes a live band. Dancers of all different ages can be seen having fun.

Title - Stepping out.

In a small hall, a man in a suit helps a woman in a pink cardigan and skirt onto a stage, where there are various instruments including a piano and drum kit. The woman plays piano while the man taps away on the drum kit. Men and women in semi-formal attire of that period then dance together, and two women perform an impressive pirouette. There is then a shot of a chocolate collection on ping pong table; some of the chocolates include Mars and Dairy box.

A group of people in suits and dresses sit in chairs smoking cigarettes, and a young boy sits wearing a knitted jumper and shorts. The musicians on the piano and drum kit are captured playing again, while people waltz around the dance floor, and filmmaker concentrates on their foot movements. A raffle is then underway and a little girl picks a ticket out of a hat. A woman is then presented with a book and people clap.

At a long table in the hall, people are having cakes, tea and sandwiches. Wine is then poured, and everyone stands up to a toast. A young boy and girl then play on the drum kit until the drummer in a dark suit returns again. A man in a purple sweater and glasses then makes a speech into a microphone, before the dancing resumes.

A faster song is underway as the dancing gets more frantic, and most people do the twist. A man then takes a picture of people dancing. The final shot of this film shows people linking hands in a circle and singing a song called 'Auld Lang's Syne'.

Title - The end