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YFA 3358



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A playful film by Eric Bolderson using trick photography of his son Stephen performing magic tricks for his sister Janet.

The film opens showing Stephen in duplicate having a pretend pillow fight with his double. As he moves about, he pulls funny faces at the camera. Then in the living room we see him in a black cape and a small bucket as a top hat and wand. As his sister sits on the sofa, he stands at a small table and starts to perform magic tricks. He gets a bucket and places it on the table and taps it. He then lifts it to reveal a small dog. We then see his sister hold a box of movie film. He taps the box again and produces a stills camera; she takes it but gestures that it is not right for the film. He taps it once more and this time produces a cine camera which he presents to her. She holds both the film and camera up.