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YFA 4913



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This is a film of the Stocksbridge Steelworks annual beauty contest for 1982.

The film begin with the title ‘Sept. 27, Steel Valley Princess 1968’ with a picture of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen.  There is a road sign for Stocksbridge, with a view over the town and the valley of the Little Don River. 

A man makes speech to a room full of people.  Following his introduction to the audience, the beauty content begins.  Dressed in swimwear, each contestant walks across the stage in front of the judges and audience.  The contestants are then questioned, and the judges can be seen sitting at tables at the front.  The women then all come on stage together, each turning around for the mixed audience.  The judges give their verdict, and the women return to the stage as their winning places are read out.  The winner is crowned and presented with a cup and flowers, and the three runners up are awarded with boxes of chocolates.  

The End