Film ID:
NEFA 21979



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An amateur film made by John Martin Jackson of a steam rally-taking place at Anick Grange near Hexham in June 1978. As well as views of various steam powered and vintage tractors and other agricultural machinery, the film records various events taking part on a showground including a game of tug-o-war between a group of men and a traction engine. The film ends on felled trees in a field and a steam powered engine powering a circular saw that is being used to turn the felled trees into sections of timber.

The film opens on a number of vintage tractors, steam traction engines and historic agricultural machinery on display in a field. Visitors walk past looking over some of the machines.

On the showground two men stand at one end of a field holding a rope belt that is attached to a steam traction engine at the other. The film cuts to show the two men in boiler suits walking past. Back on the showground, a small crowd watch a group of men compete in a tug-o-war with a traction engine. The film cuts to show a number of juvenile jazz bands marching onto and then around the showground performing for the crowds.

The film cuts to show a vintage tractor attached by a belt to a bailing machine. A sign across the top of the bailer reads ‘Ransomes’. Nearby, another steam powered bailing machine is in operation. General views follow of various other vehicles and pieces of equipment on display.

Two steam wagons drive onto the showground and perform a routine for the crowd, they then drive off the field. The film cuts to show a vintage fire engine on display beside a green coloured vintage delivery lorry.

A steamroller drives onto the showground; the livery across the top reads ‘G. Byerley & Sons Welton Hall’. A car drives onto the showground and two men get out, one dressed as a woman. They lay out a blanket on the ground for picnic as the steamroller drives up behind them and knocks into the car. A number of people appear and run around, one falls over and lies on the ground beside the steamroller. A vintage military ambulance drives onto the field and two men come over with a stretcher to attend to the person on the ground. They place a blanket over the victim and then proceed to carry them back to the ambulance and drive away off the showground.

Another view of a display of vintage tractors cuts to show crowds standing or sitting behind the rope fence around the showground. On the showground two steam wagons compete in an obstacle race.

The film changes to a field of felled trees laid out on the ground of what was once a wooded area.  The film ends on steam traction engine on site powering a circular saw that is being used to turn wood into cut timber.