Film ID:
YFA 1377



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This is a short film showing steam locomotives coming and going out of York Railway Station and York Railway Museum.

The film opens with a group of boys sitting on the platform at York Railway Station. A passenger train departs form the station pulled by a Pacific locomotive (6322), and then the same train is seen from a different vantage point. There is brief shot of a steam shunting engine (68677), before a close up of a billboard for the Railway Museum, displaying entrance fees as adults 6d (6 pence old money), children 3d. There are groups of children, probably school parties, looking around the engines inside the museum. Again, the lads are sitting at the station, possibly train spotting, with a railways siding in the background. A passenger train departs pulled by a steam engine (61447), and another arrives pulled by steam engine 92142. A family sit on a trolley on the platform in front of an advertisement that states, 'It's quicker by Train'. Next a diesel train departs, followed by another steam train (60132). A goods train pulled by 62059, then passenger trains pulled by locomotives 62515, 60511 and 60524.