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NEFA 21650



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A quirky stop-motion animation produced by Betty Cook with the assistance of M. Sheret and Anno Wilson of the Cleveland Cine Club telling the story of a Martian who lands on earth. Letters on a newspaper sandwich board are re-arranged on the ground by the Martian to reveal the films true intention.

Title: Star Wars

The film opens in a garden with a disc or metal lid ‘space ship’ being lowered onto the ground by wires.

The film cuts an image of a cottage with a thatched roof and an individual in green spaceman outfit and helmet walking towards a news sandwich board that reads ‘Martian Arrives from Outer Space’. The Martian picks up the letter ‘I’ from Arrives and another letter a drops them onto the ground. The Martian takes more letters and places them on the grass to spell ‘voice’.

Watching nearby is a soft-toy of a water vole or similar rodent.

Back with the Martian, the remaining letters on the sandwich board read ‘Martian Arr Es From Uter Spa”

A pair of gloved hands appear to pick up the letters ‘I’ and ‘T’ and the words spelt out on the grass now reads ‘Voice I Bruit’.

The Martian goes off screen and returns holding an orange ball. He drops it and then kicks it across the screen. A paper-cut out and small soft toys of rabbits appear to watch the Martian.

More letters are removed from the board to create a jumble on the ground. A rope appears from above, down which the Martian comes. One of the words written on the grass is ‘rope’.

A paper-cut out of a Rolls Royce car appears and drives past the Martian. The water vole comes forward. The letters on the ground now read ‘Voice A Fruit Rope RR’.

The ‘M’ and ‘A’ from the board are removed and dropped on the ground to read ‘MARS’.

In a tree is a cut out of a Robin as the Martian walks away and returns holding a Mar’s chocolate bar that he drops onto the ground.

A hand takes down the letter ‘T’, which is dropped onto the ground along with a number of other letters. The sandwich board is now blank.

The film ends with the helmet of the Martian now raised revealing an Action Man figure inside holding up something to his mouth. On the ground beside him, the letters now read ‘Man eats Mars’.

Title: Star Wars

The letter ‘W’ starts to spin and turns upside down to read ‘Star Mars’. Underneath the word ‘Eaten’ appears.

End credit: Produced by Betty Cook

End credit: from an original story by M. Sheret B.E.M, Artwork assistant Anno Wilson, Animation Betty Cook.