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YFA 3680



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This film documents a carnival procession featuring floats and carthorses, a brass band, and children's races.  It was filmed by W.S. Atkins for Stanley Picture House Co. Ltd.

The film opens with a very large procession which includes many decorated floats, horse-drawn and motorized, and a band.  Many of those processing are in fancy dress, and all the floats are intricately decorated with flowers and bunting.  The floats tend to carry children while the adults walk in the parade, and the townspeople are gathered along the sides of the buildings to watch the procession.  After the parade has passed, the crowd disperses, filling the town street.

The parade finally comes to an end in a field where the carnival is being held.  The procession was led by the King and Queen, a comical pair made up of two men, the Queen being a man dressed in women’s clothing.  They exit the car and make their way on to a small raised platform in the centre of the crowd.  Here they are presented with gifts which include a cardboard key to the city, a large banana, and a bouquet lacking any flowers.  A fake cameraman can be seen next to them “filming” the event.

Title – Pretty scenes in Galaland

There are many shots of the crowd which is full of people of all ages.  The crowd is packed many people deep as they stand still to be filmed by the cameraman.  Additionally, the camera focuses on many of the intricately decorated floats now that they are stationary.  Many of the passengers have remained and pose with the floats on which they rode.  The horses which pulled the floats also wear decoration.  

Title – Stanley & District Hospital Carnival Exclusively photographed by Yorkshire’s leading cameraman W.S. Atkins……. for Stanley Picture House Co. Ltd.

This intertitle is followed by scenes of a similar procession as well as duplicate footage which can be found in Carnival At Stanley.  It is likely that these two films are pieces of the final film made by Atkins and screened at the Stanley Picture House.

A brass band leads the large procession which is made up various floats and people who walk in the parade. After the procession passes, the crowd begins to disperse filling the street.  There are more shots of some of the floats as well as a children's foot race. Spectators form a line on either side of the race, and they cheer the children on.

There is a brief scene taken at a family house in the back garden where members of the family pose for the camera in their fancy dress.  Back at the carnival, a man tries to climb a large pole, but he doesn't get very far.  This is followed by more footage of the people of Stanley who have turned out for the event including women who pose with a group of small children and babies in a playpen.  Elsewhere on the grounds, a group of children have gathered to watch a tumbler perform, and here the cameraman focuses on the crowd.  Another form of entertainment is a large motorized swing ride which has been set up. 

Again, footage is taken at a family house.   A small child plays outside, and there are also scenes of other members of the family.  Following this are more scenes of the carnival including men who pose with a car at the centre of the field.  Here they advertise a Shilling Fund Scheme to own the car.  More carnival entertainment includes a horse jumping event during which riders jump over various gates and walls which have been set up.  The crowd of spectators is gathered at the fence set up around the edge of the field.  Houses can be seen in the background at one corner of the field. 

Seated in three rows, a large brass band pose holding their instruments for the camera.  The band is made up of men and includes one young boy who poses at the centre of the group.  Following this is footage of an agricultural show, and many cows are on display.  There is also a sheep dog event where the shepherd and his dog have to get all the sheep into the pen.  Again, spectators can be seen around the edge of the field.  The last event involves horse and buggies, and spectators have gathered on bleachers to watch the event.  The film closes with footage of the crowd gathered at the fence.