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This is a film taken in December, 1944 by the Halifax Cine Club of the Stand Down of the local Home Guard towards the end of the Second World War.

The film opens with a few title cards
The Halifax Home Guard Stands Down - A Historic Film taken for Corporation records by Members of the Halifax Cine Club.
Messers: J Ward, CC Thomas, K Holway, H Mallinson, CH Horner, WL Simpson
Sequence and Titles: Mr. CC Thomas, Lt. TT Dickinson
General Direction Lt. H Roscoe

Title card - On Sunday, December 3, 1944, the Home Guard stood down. In Halifax, officers and men of the 23rd and 24th West Riding Battalions, the 102nd Rocket AA Battery, and a detachment of Civil Defence personnel trained as Home Guards fell in for the final parade.

Title card - A Company Commander chats with his Officers. The Company then fall in and begin their march for the last time.

Men then begin to fall in on the street (possibly near the church in the centre of town.)

Title card - The last Parade

The procession goes down a main street while a few busses pass along the street.
Title card - The 23rd Battalion March to the Regal Cinema and are played into the Hall by the band and drums of the Army Cadet force. Here loyal service is commended by group and battalion commanders.

Some onlookers begin to gather as the army and band approach the cinema. The band marches around and the large drum section plays as the men enter the cinema. At this point there are closer shots of the individual men entering.

Title card - The Mayor, Alderman Lewis Chambers, accompanied by the Mayoress, arrive to pay his tribute to the men who guarded the home front.

They arrive in a car which pulls up to the front of the cinema and then proceed to enter.

Title card - The 24th Battalion and 102nd Rocket AA Battery arrive at the Picture House, Wards End. How it Rained!!!

These groups march towards and enter the picture house.

Title card - In spite of the pouring rain the HG well maintain their reputation for smart and soldiering bearing

More soldiers march and enter, but rather than the very strict line formation of earlier in the film, at this time there are a few more candid moments of the soldiers grouped together and smiling.

Title card - Col. Sir Alfred L Mowat Bart, 13th Area AA Regimental Commander takes the salute from the 102nd Rocket AA Battery

The men approach the steps of the cinema.

Title card - March Past of the 24th Battalion at Bull Green where the commanding officer takes the Salute

The men march past the podium which is decorated with the Union Jack flag. There are other flags also hung in display including that of the United States and other Allied force nations. The band also marches by followed by the soldiers. The man at the podium is saluting, and there is a crowd of onlookers lining the street.

Title card - Darkness has fallen when the Mayor takes the Salute of the 23rd Battalion as they march past to the music of the Halifax HG Band

There is a close up of the band, but the remainder of the film is hard to make out as it is dark by the time these events are taking place. Finally, the film ends with an end title.