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YFA 789



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This amateur film is from the Kathleen Lockwood collection and captures various trips taken by the filmmaker and a friend around West Yorkshire.

Title-Around and About in 1981.

A car drives along a road past an old, stone building and then the shot cuts to the top of a hill looking down onto the fields. There are close up shots of small flowers, berries and plants. Two women walks along a wide, open country road, in the direction of the camera and then there is a brief shot of one of the women standing on a hill looking down.

There are more shots of different types of flora including dandelion seeds and heather.

The next section begins with a shot of a sign for `Eyam' in Derbyshire. Then there are shots from across a school yard watching as some children dance around a May pole.

There are shots of religious pictures painted by the children followed by a shot of a 'Well Dressing' that the children helped to make.

There is a sign for `Yorkshire Sculpture Park' where there are many pieces of sculpture hanging from buildings, trees and freestanding on the grass. Some of the pieces are by Barbara Hepworth as there is a sign which reads `Barbara Hepworth, the Family of Man. On loan from the Hepworth Estate' and `Barbara Hepworth, Squares with two Circles 1969 (Bronze). On loan from the Tate'.

Two women walk around the ground of the park and come across lemon trees and several ducks both in and out of the water.

Title-A walk around Bretton Park'.

A man and a woman walk through the forest pointing things out to each other. There are close up shots of branches, leaves and conkers in their shells. There are more shots of the areas of park across the lake. The man holds down a branch with leaves and compares their colour to a leaf that he has in his hand. There are more shots of the trees, flowers and sculptures.

The next few shots are of the front and back of a house and show the well maintained lawns and flowerbeds.

Following this are shots of a combine harvester making its way through a field of cereal.

Title-The End.