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YFA 1246



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This film captures the activities undertaken by members of St. Peters parish in Shipley, which includes the opening of a sports field, a garden party, and a trip to the Lake District.

Title - St. Peters parish magazine.

Title - Produced by J.S.Eley for the church Bazaar. Nov. 1933.

Title - New sports ground opened.

Title - By Mrs M.G.Driver.

A motor car highly typical of the period pulls up to the curb. The filmmaker then shows the opening ceremony, where a speaker stands on a platform and delivers a speech to a fair sized crowd. There are then shots of the crowd after the event, which show the adults milling around, while the kids play together.

A bowels match follows and it appears to be a sporting event of some significance, as a large group of supporters have converged around the green. Cricketers are then shown walking towards the camera, before the filmmaker cuts to show two smartly attired people posing with a plaque. A close up of the plaque displays the inscription: 'St Peter's playing fields. Opened by S.G. Driver. May 7th 1932.

Title - St. Peter's garden party July, 1933.

Guests wearing formal attire arrive for the garden party. One particular shot captures two women sporting extravagant hats and fine coats. The party starts, and a Reverend makes a speech on a platform to the guests, who then partake in games; a woman takes a shot with a golf putter, young children play a ring toss game, and some men attempt to thrown some sort of object at a man in a bowler hat.

Title - St. Peter's Bowls Club. Shipley.

Title - St. Peter's. Final. Shipley.

The two competitors shake hands before the match and spectators relax outside a club house smoking pipes. Next, the filmmaker captures the match, showing many shots of the competitors making their bowls. The final shot shows a young boy outside the club house who watches the games intently.

Title - Harvest festival.

A priest stands outside the church entrance waiting to begin the sermon. Then, the congregation, who are predominately wearing robes, walks down a street in Shipley towards the church. Returning to the church, the ceremony has ended and the harvest festival attendees, which include girl guides, leave the church walking past the camera.

Title - The children's service.

Smartly dressed children exit the church and stand around looking at the camera with interest.

Title - The choir trip to the Lake District.

The opening shots of this sequence show the old fashioned bus that carried the group to their hotel, which is situated in the Lake District. There is then a shot of the hotel where they stayed, which is called the 'Albert Hotel'. Following this, there are shots of the group in the hotel, and the group generally consist of young men and women. The last shot shows the group exiting the hotel.

Title - A cruise on Windemere.

An expansive view captures the wild landscape of Lake Windemere. Next, on board a boat, the choir group are can be seen joying their trip, and this sequence is interspersed with shots of the lake. The choir group then board the bus again, before is cut is made and the group, large in number, traversing a country lane. The film ends with a view of a village taken from a distance.

Title - The end.