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YFA 1244



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This film was produced for the annual parish Bazaar. Although never actually entering the parish, this film captures people who attended the various sermons at St. Luke's parish church (West Yorkshire) in the 1930s. This film also contains some very interesting footage of boy scouts participating in various activities including fencing and boxing.

Title - St. Luke's parish gazette. Produced for the Bazaar. Feb. 1934.

The opening shot of this film shows members of the parish and local children walking down a street wearing white shawls.

Title - The servers.

Young boys wearing white shawls pose for the camera in a group before the filmmaker gets individual close ups of each boy.

Title - Leaving church.

Men and women in their Sunday best formal wear gather outside the church to chat. The following sequence contains many shots of the church-goers walking down the church steps and along the roads.

Title - Confidential close-ups.

The filmmaker then captures close ups of the Reverends and other important attendees, including a man who is draped in a black cape. The final shots in this sequence show a close up of woman, who in the next shot is shown feeding chickens in a field.

Title - The football team action.

In a field, a football match is underway (presumably St. Luke's parish team). There are shots of the match from various different angles; some are taken from the touchline capturing general play, others include a close up of the goalie between the posts, and a shot of a cheering spectator.

Title - Goal!

The footballers crowd around celebrating. Cutting away from the football match, the filmmaker shows people in formal attire spilling out from the church after another service, and the filmmaker captures the reverends leaving at the end. There are then shots of the young boys in shawls (perhaps choir boys) leading a procession down a street followed by the church goers. The procession comes to a halt, and the filmmaker captures portrait shots of some of the congregation.

The next sequence displays boy scouts posing for the camera in rather acrobatic fashion. The motion of the film is then reversed, and shows the boys getting into another impressive formation (not dissimilar to the leap frog position). Two boy scouts then have a boxing match; one boy is knocked to the floor and the referee runs in to check on him. The boys then have a fencing match with lightweight swords, before the whole group play the leap frog game.