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YFA 1704



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This film documents two of the annual garden parties at St. Lawrence Parish Church, York. The event was held each year in June. The film features members of the parish church as well as children from the attached school and was made by Miss Dorothy Langshaw, Head Teacher of the Infant Department.

The film opens with a crowd of people gathered in the Vicarage Gardens of St. Lawrence church. The day is very sunny, and most everyone at the event is dressed in summer clothing. Many of the children are in fancy dress, and awards are handed out to a lucky few. A brass band plays as part of the day's entertainment, and a few women from the parish organize the food tables full of baked goods, tea, and coffee. Much of the film is focused on those members of the community who turned out for the event and captures everyone smiling and having a good time. The children in fancy dress form a long line and parade around the gardens. A few of them are dressed as boxed dolls. The fancy dress parade is then followed by a group of young girls performing country dances for the crowd. The final event that year is a football game. However, this game has a bit of a twist as all adult members taking part have also come in costume, many of the men dressing as women.

The 1961 garden party is quite the same, and Langshaw again focus on filming as many people as she can documenting who turned out for the event that year. This year, Vicar George Cummings introduces Lady Cecilia Howard. Cumming's daughter presents her with a bouquet of flowers. There is another fancy dress parade with close-up shots of many of the children who stop and pose for the camera. A group of boys perform a gymnastics routine before the event is closed with the annual fancy dress football game.