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YFA 5700



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Made by local butcher Henry Foster, this is a film which shows the walking races organised by the St. Lawrence Working Men’s Club on Lawrence Street, York.  It shows the walkers at various places along the route, wearing a wide variety of clothing, and adopting a wide variety of walking styles.

Title – St. Lawrence’s WMC Walk 1934 and 1935

The film begins showing the race taking place in the rain along a street having council houses.  Some of the walkers are wearing ordinary long trousers.  Many are accompanied by passes of cyclists, and some of the walkers look as if they might be infringing the ‘heel-to-toe’ rule.  The race continues along a country road and turns into Lawrence Street, through another street in the city centre, and ends with a shot of Walmgate Bar.   There is a large crowd watching, many cyclists riding with the walkers.  A motorcycle and sidecar and a number 15 tram go past as the walkers race to the finish line.  

In the next section of the film, there is a boy leaning against a road sign for Murton, I mile, going one way and York going off in another direction.  The walkers pass by, heading towards Murton, with lots of cyclists following.  They turn into some streets of terraced houses where a large crowd of onlookers have gathered.  One older man, being escorted by a coterie of boys, stops to hug his wife.  Women sit on window sills watching.  

At the end of the race and in the back yard of the St Lawrence Working Men’s Club, there are many people, some seated at tables and drinking bottles of beer.  A large group of them pose for the camera.

Next, on the cricket field off Albemarle Road, men push a roller over the pitch.  At one point there are several boys seated on top of roller.  They stop and pose for the camera.  A man holds up a cricketing shield trophy, and then the whole cricket team pose with the shield.

In the final section of the film, there is a house where a man has a Guinea pig and a bird house mounted on a brick pillar.  He is fishing in a nearby pond where he films some ducks and ducklings.  He goes out onto the pond on a rowing boat and shows his collection of fly fishing hooks to the camera.