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YFA 1188



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This is a training film for the St John Ambulance Service, made at Fox House, Sheffield.

The film begins with the pages of a book being opened, although it is very difficult to read the writing.  A small cabin in the country, at Fox House near Sheffield, is shown.
Title - From early morn to close of day the endless stream of traffic rolls by.
A cyclist comes down a country lane followed by a bus and then cars. 
Title - The men on duty arrive by various means of transport.
A group of people get off a bus, and a man in uniform arrives on a motorcycle. 
Title - The first duty of the day is to clean out the station.
Some men in uniform, St John Ambulance, clean out the cabin.  One chops wood, others scrubbing a table, and two carry off a large bucket. 

Title - After the morning “stand-to”, lunch is a welcome break.
The men are shown eating lunch.
Title - During the afternoon an emergancy [sic] call is received.
A young boy runs over to the St John Ambulance cabin and informs the brigade of an accident.  They all run over to the accident carrying equipment and a stretcher.  A car is shown crashed against the side of a country road, with the passenger slumped against a wall and a woman in the driver’s seat.  Title - Arriving at the scene of the accident, the engine is switched off, the driver removed and the car pushed clear of the trapped man. 
The woman is carefully carried out of the car and laid on the floor whilst the car is pushed out of the way. 

Title - Arterial Haemorrhage from the head wound is controlled by additional pressure applied to temporal artery whilst the wound is cleaned and dressing applied.
The ambulance crew press the artery and dress the wound. 
Title - Further examination of the injured patient reveals simple fractures of the left tibia and the right femur.  Extension is applied to the injured limbs.
Pieces of timber are taken out of the first aid bag and put together to form a splint to go onto the injured man’s leg.
Title - Meanwhile, treatment of the other patient continues.
The woman is given a drink. 
Title  - The splints are secured to the injured limbs by bandages and straps past [sic] round the limbs and tied and fastened over the splints.
The brigade strap the splint onto the leg of the man, and his two legs are strapped together. 
Title - Having recovered consciousness, the driver is allowed to sit down, one of squad standing by.
The woman is helped to sit on the side of the car. 
Title - Stretcher is prepared and loaded.
The stretcher is unwrapped and tested before the man is placed onto it.
Title - Finally the patient is taken to the first aid station. 
The man is then slowly carried off back to the cabin with the woman walking behind.  An officer of the brigade writes a report and the book closes. 
Closing title - Finis.  Marilin Pictures