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YFA 1168



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A film made by Mr Charles Tapp, one of the founder members of the Yorkshire Association for Disabled People. This film contains footage of a fete that is being held in the grounds of St. George's and shows many of the residents enjoying the activities. There are some sections with footage of some of the more severely physically disabled residents but shows them carrying out activities and tasks.

The film opens with a crowd of men and women outside a building; they shake hands and courtesy for the Mayor and Mayoress and then the crowd makes their way into the house.

A small stage has been set up at one end of a hall and the dignitaries are all seated on it. The crowd stand on the floor and listen as speeches are made and people clap.

Outside in the grounds a fete is being held. There are lots of people in wheel chairs and people with very severe physical disabilities walking around the grounds; their parents or carers push some of them around in wheelchairs and there are also lots of other guests wandering around.

The next scene takes places in one of the wards or bedrooms. A young woman with physical disabilities and callipers on her legs walks over to her bed and is helped onto it by her carer; she is then helped off again. This may have been to demonstrate how she manages to get around. Then she walks slowly back and forth across the room a few times and then out the door. Following this are lingering shots of two other young women with a similar disability playing a duet on a piano.

Back at the fete some sailors are setting up a plane ride for the children, they indicate for them to stand back out of the way. There are shots of a food stall tent with people having a look, and people wandering around outside. There is a brief shot of a woman with a physical disability walking across a path using a small trolley to help her. Families and children and people with their dogs wander around looking into tents which have games set up, for example `Guess the Weight', a raffle, and hoopla with prizes such as tomato ketchup and HP sauce.