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YFA 1678



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This film consists of two other films made by Charles Chislett. The first section is the last five minutes of 'New Lives for Old' (822), whilst the rest is the complete 'They Discover the Hills' on the CPSA boys camp (see catalogue entry 315).

On a cobbled street corner, a group of children and adults, joined by a policeman and the vicar, have gathered together to sing hymns. The conductor stands on a chair in front of the group.

A sign for 'Hyde Lodge Nursing Home, 52 Clarendon Road'. Two vicars enter the Home to visit a young woman recovering in bed.

Intertitle: 'Many lives are affected and many hearts changed.'

The film then revisits some of the earlier scenes.

Intertitle: ' . . . and lastly, George himself . . .'

George is again shown leaving home with a parcel from his mother before joining others in a service. George gets up and speaks.

Intertitle: 'This was his testimony: "Twelve months ago I knew nothing of this book which you know so well but since coming to St George's I have seen it lived out in the Crypt and I now acknowledge the one of whom it speaks as my saviour and friend."

George gives his testimony with a prayer book in his hand.

Intertitle: 'The End, which for so many is really a beginning.'


Title - They discover the hills
Pooley Bridge CPAS recruits camp
A CPAS production
Photography and Editing by Charles J. Chislett A.R.P.S

Intertitle - Come with us and visit the CPAS recruits' camp in Westmorland

There is a road sign for Pooley Bridge, with directions along the A592 to Tirril and Penryth, and then we see the camp site.

Intertitle - It is set amongst pleasant meadows near the eastern end of Ullswater

The village is shown with the surrounding fields and hills, followed by Ullswater Lake.

Intertitle - First let us join a party of boys from a northern city for many of whom this is the first experience of camp life or even the country

The boys arrive with their cases and are greeted by the camp workers. They settle in around the camp.

Intertitle - Milk is fetched from a nearby farm which the boys delight to visit

The boys visit the farm and watch as the cows are milked. They then visit the pigs.

Intertitle - On Sundays everybody attends the village church

The boys wander down a country lane towards the church, followed by a Red Cross worker.

Intertitle - In the afternoon we go further afield

The boys walk through a wooded area, accompanied by camp workers. They stop to pick some examples of the local flora. They go on to the bridge which overlooks Ullswater. A group of boys post letters, and then look at more farm animals in the fields: sheep, turkeys and cattle being rounded up. Some of them play at pole jumping using sticks they have made.

Intertitle - Next morning we set off for the snowy ridges of Helvellyn

The boys walk through the village and board a boat to take them across the lake. On the other side they get into their swimming costumes and go into the water. They then go for a walk. The Red Cross worker sits and makes notes. On their way up the mountain they stop for lunch. At the top they slide down the snow. The film switches to show back down at the lake, diving in, and then waiting for the boat for the return journey

Intertitle - Still plenty of energy left for struggles of one sort or another!

A group of boys have a mock fight outside their tent.

Intertitle - At Pooley Bridge camp young people, as full of life as wild ponies, do more than discover the hills, they learn to lift their eyes with a new meaning

The film finishes with more images of the countryside, with horses and a sunset.