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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of his son's (Peter) school, St Anselm's, Bakewell.  It features Michaelmas Term 1938, with sporting events including athletics, boxing, and cricket. 

The film begins with people gathered around a bonfire.

Intertitle – The 5th November

The bonfire burns away silhouetted against the dark night sky.

Intertitle – Gunpowder, treason and plot.

The crowd watches as the flames leap high into the air.

Intertitle – Every schoolboy agrees celebrations like these should NEVER be forgot

More film of the bright flames against the black background.

Intertitle – A boxing interlude at St Anselm's, Bakewell.  Michaelmas Term 1938.

Several pairs of boys have boxing matches, watched by the other boys, the Head Teacher and other teachers.

Intertitle – End of term dramatics.  "The Head" conducts rehearsals.

The Head Teacher is directing boys reading out their parts while rehearsing for a play. They are watched by a group of other students.

Intertitle – Hearty interval

The boys sit around a table, eating half a grapefruit, and drinking tea.

Intertitle – Now the second team are put through their paces.

They continue the rehearsal, this time without the aid if their texts.

Intertitle – The performance.  Saturday, December 17th, 1938.
Catherine Parr, or Alexander's Horse by Maurice Baring.  Characters: Henry VIII J Marsden; Queen Catherine, J N Roberts; A page, G J Briggs

There follows a lengthy extract from the play, with intertitles for some of the speeches.

Intertitle – Between the soup and the savoury buy Gertrude Jennings
Intertitle – The twelve days of Christmas  This play features Peter Beardsell

Intertitle – Spring sunshine and spring suiting – marked the great day.

It's the school sports day, with teachers gathered around.  It starts with the high jump, followed by the 100 yards. Sprint race, throwing the cricket ball, then the 220 yards race, with the names winners being provided (Exley seems to have won most things).  Then Peter competes in the long jump., followed by the 300 yds. handicap (won by Ashcroft), a three–legged race, and a 'donkey race' (piggy back), with the person on the back blindfolded. Then there is an obstacle race.

Intertitle – "St Anselm's Cine magazine" . Part 2: The School Sports

A teacher and a boy compare notes.  First up is the high jump, then the junior 100 yards, won by Ashcroft, followed by the senior 100 yards, and then throwing the cricket ball.

Intertitle – Mr Hillyard finds himself in demand – "Punch" is also kept running.

A throw is being measured. Then the junior and senior 200 yards.  Then comes the long jump and the 300 yards race handicap.

Intertitle – Mrs Hillyard helps to place Angela Brown in position. Ready for the 'Off'.

They race around the rugby pitch, which is dotted with Union Jack flags.

Intertitle – Ah the three–legged race, won by the lucky pair Ingold and Roberts.

Peter gets in a fix with his partner.  Ingold and Roberts also win the donkey race. This is followed by the obstacle race.

Intertitle – That concludes the cine magazine to date.  We hope to add something interesting each term.  CARRY ON, SCHOOL!

Intertitle – Cricket event of the year and a record crowd, School v Patres of course.

First practice in the nets, then the fathers win the toss and elect to bat.  Beardsell is shown coming off, having got out.  A fair amount of the cricket action is shown.

Intertitle – Tea interval – Patres all out for 146.

The large crowd of spectators make their way back to the school.

Intertitle – The rest of the match was almost too exciting for our camera . . .

There is some more action from the boy's innings, mainly of batsmen walking off having got out.

Intertitle – and the Patres only just escaped a hiding.