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YFA 74



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of Peter, his son, at school.  The film includes footage of football and cricket matches between students and the teachers as well as a father son match. 

Title – Filmed by N T Beardsell (wearing his old school tie)
Intertitle – One Sunday afternoon in 1935 some of the boys take a riding lesson.

Some of the boys sit on horses waiting.  They are watched by a group of other boys.

Intertitle – Under the supervision of the headmaster – Mr T G Hillyard.

The headmaster, pipe in mouth, looks on.

Intertitle –  . . . and Mrs Chapman

Mrs Chapman mounts her horse and takes the boys for a ride down a country lane.

Intertitle – October 1935 finds us watching a game of football on the "Home" Ground.

There is a football match that seems to be between students and teachers, though there are fewer teachers, and most players seem to be wearing the same kit.

Intertitle – Almost a spectator!

The goalkeeper at one end stands alone, looking on.  The game continues, with close-up action shots of the play.

Intertitle – Lent term 1936.  Peter Beardsell has a look at his future school fellows . . .

A group of boys play in the school grounds.

Intertitle –  . . . and sees some strange faces!

The boys gather around the camera pulling faces.

Intertitle – Cricket season 1936.  St Anselm's v Birkdale (Don't mention the score)

There is a cricket match, with the outfield team all wearing safari hats.

Intertitle – July 4th brings the annual cricket match Patres v The Boys.

The boys are fielding as two fathers go in to bat, with a crowd sat watching from the side.

Intertitle – Just watch Mr Crowther "slog" this one!!!!!??

MrCrowther gets clean bowled.

Intertitle – “Well played Sir!"

Between innings the players mull around, and then group together for a joint team photo.

Intertitle – Autumn 1936 brings football once again.

There is another game of football between students and teachers, some filmed in slow motion.

Intertitle – Lent term 1937.  St Anselm's invaded by Flu
Intertitle – With summer term comes chicken Pox – but "rounders" was one way of knocking the "spots" off.

The boys have a game of rounders, with close ups of the batters and bowlers.

Intertitle – A few of the victims – watching in "isolation"

More of the game is shown, this time in slow motion and speeded up.

Intertitle – At the Baths, "The Head" keeps his boys well "in the swim"

The boys are swimming in an indoor pool, with a teacher holding one boy up with a rope tied under his arms. There are some older students or teachers too, diving in, and two women watching from the side.

Intertitle – July.  Cricket again. School v Patres . . . Father's bat first.

There is some cricket action, with one father coming to the crease.

Intertitle – Tea–score; Patres 119 all out.  The boys still "knocking 'em up".

There is more film of the match.

Intertitle – And after the match. .

A group of the father's stand smoking and talking.

Intertitle – “Yes, the boys put up a grand show – we only beat them by 4 runs."