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YFA 751



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This film is part of the Sharp Collection and contains footage from the opening of St Andrew's British Restaurant, a community restaurant in Bradford, by Alderman Semper. Various local dignitaries can be seen arriving and lunching at the restaurant with their wives. There are some excellent examples of forties fashion for women.

Title-Alderman Sempre along with Councillor and Mrs Meggison arrive with friends.

A man walks up a path and smiles at the camera. Waiting on the steps of the restaurant are a group of people who also smiling at the camera.

Title-My old pal Bill Donoghue. Do you think eleven pennyworth will satisfy him? Oh, well, he can have another eleven pennyworth if it doesn't.

Two men and a woman walk along a path and past the camera towards the restaurant.

Title-Alderman Turner (Chairman of Cleansing) another early arrival. Let us hope there is nothing left for his salvage campaign.

Some more men and women walk across street to the restaurant.

Title-What will Councillor Wilkinson have to say today. He looks in good form anyway.

Another man and a woman stand and smile for the camera.

Title-Councillor Sam and Ernest arrive and they also look posh and happy.

Another crowd of people arrive.

Title-Alderman T.I. Clough (Chairman Education Committee) watch him nod to you.

Some men walk towards the camera.

Title-The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Sir Anthony and Councillor Mrs Chambers are in good time.

The people get out of cars wearing chains of office and fur coats.

The next section is in black and white and inside the restaurant the guests are being served dinner. There are long tables set out in the dining hall and a buffet area at the top where some people are choosing their food. There are shots from around the hall.

The next section is colour and shows more of the men and women are queuing up at the buffet to get food. A sign beside the till reads `Please have exact money ready. Pay here'.

In the next shot all of the men and women leave the restaurant; some of them stand outside and smoke as the rest walk off.