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NEFA 14613



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A home movie made by Ruth Jacobson of her family taking a Mediterranean cruise onboard the passenger liner S.S. Arcadia in the summer of 1957. Footage includes visits to Venice, Malta and views of the Stromboli volcano.

The film opens on Valerie and Pamela Jacobson swimming in the pool onboard the Arcadia. There is a shot of a boy. Malcolm Jacobson,  wrapped in a towel and wearing sunglasses. A man, Lionel Jacobson, waves from an upper balcony followed by him sitting in a deck chair putting on sun cream.  The young boy sits at his feet and a woman sits nearby in a deck lounger. General views of other passengers on board ship.

The film cuts to a group of people eating a meal at a open air restaurant. A man is giving a speech. An older couple sit at the table followed by a man pouring a glass of wine. The film changes to show the boy in sunglasses is sitting on a wall by the sea. There are exterior shots of a restaurant and waterfront. The family pose at an ornamental ship’s wheel in the restaurant.

Back onboard the Arcadia organised games are taking place around the ship’s swimming pool. The film cuts to an excursion and a man and woman pose beside a fountain. A younger couple are then filmed posing beside a different fountain. The first couple then stand next to the bust of a man. A group of people are looking at large cactus and red flowers. General views of Marsamxett Harbour where a number of naval ships are docked, and the fortification Fort Manoel on Manoel Island.

The film cuts to shots of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Several ornately painted gondolas are moored nearby. A girl in a yellow dress is shaking hands with a man dressed in a red costume in the Piazzo San Marco. A boy poses in the Piazzo San Marco. There are views of people in costumes, part of a film being shot in the square. Men are climbing down a ladder from a balcony. A woman in 19th century costume is carried down the ladder from an upper balcony. General views of the San Marco church followed by the family eating at an outside cafe. There is a view of the Winged Lion on the Bell Tower, Saint Marks Square

From the deck of Acadia views of the Stromboli volcano and surrounding countryside. A young girl stands on deck beside ship’s swimming pool. There are views of a city skyline from the ship. The film closes with shots of people enjoying organised games and swimming on deck.