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YFA 4503



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This film documents an anti-abortionist rally in Bradford, focusing closely on the police operations. The protesters are a mix of ages and genders, and many have plaques which display there animosity towards controversial topic. The filmmaker follows the protest though the streets of Bradford and documents the event from both the police and protestors point of views.

The film opens on a street in Bradford where an AA sign indicates the direction of the S.P.U.C rally. There is then a close up of a pie resting on a table. In a room many officers sit at tables eating and talking. A group of on-duty police officers then march onto coaches, and there are shots on the coach of offices seated as they drive to the rally. Shots capture the entrance to a park, where protestors have gathered with several police officers. A dog patrol police vehicle is parked as protestors walk past and some people hold a banner that reads 'Wigan'. More protestors walk past the camera holding plaques, some of which read 'Free safe abortions' and 'I can't bear it'.

Police officers are the captured disembarking from the coach.

A banner is filmed which reads 'Staphonsus Kirkdale S.P.U.C. Merseyside'. A long line of people cross the road hoping to join the protest, before more protesters walk down a street with Bradford city in the background, and many of them hold placards that read 'Stop killing babies' and 'Protect unborn children'. Another AA sign reads 'S.P.U.C alight here'. A coach is pulled over and demonstrators exit the coach; some members of the party hold a banner which reads 'Withernsea N.Humberside'.

A long line of protestors are then captured trying to enter through the park gates, which are already packed with activists. There are shots of the protesters, many of whom include elderly women and families. On another street policeman direct traffic as the protesters line up along the pavements. A group of men, women and children then stand around a banner that reads 'Union of Women Teachers', and some of them wear t-shirts that say 'life - Save it'. There is then a close up of a t-shirt and a shot of a young boy in a pushchair wearing one. A teenage then holds a plaque that says 'Goodbye I'm off to be burned'. Many coaches drive past as the protesters as they walk down various streets in Bradford being directed by policeman.

Plaques with various slogans are laid out on a green by several protestors and shots show the crowd that has converged there - most of whom hold plaques and banners. A group of protesters walk down a road; one man is dressed in a bear suit, while his entourage hold signs that say 'I can't bear it'. Policeman then gather round and stare at the camera next to a statue in the park. A small group of pro-abortionist have gathered on a pavement surrounded by policemen; some hold plaques: 'backstreet abortion kills women'. The anti-abortionist protest is lead out of the park gates by policeman on horseback. They walk down several streets carrying their banners and several shots show the protest stretches, which stretches the whole length of road.  Liberal MP Cyril Smith is among the participants on the march.   There is then a close up of a wreath, which has a message that reads 'The child by reason of his physical and mental immaturity needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth'.

The protesters continue to move down more streets in Bradford, and a man wearing a trench coat and glasses talks into a megaphone on a raised platform. More banners pass the camera and one reads 'Abortion kills', before the protest is halted by a police blockade. A man then points angrily at a policeman who blocks his path. The protesters continue to move down a pavement and back through the park. The next shot show protestors lined up on either side of the pavement as vehicles pass, and another street shows the procession continuing past several police vans parked on a street.

Police constables walk past the camera as the procession sets off again, out the park. There are the more views of banners stating different localities from which the protestors hail: 'Durham', 'Sheffield' and 'Doncaster'. Police officers the march into a park, directed by a senior officer, and they lead the protest off again. A man on the pavement shouts angrily at the protesters as they walk past. The final shots show protesters being lead back to their coaches by police officers. There is then a close up of a street sign that reads 'Valley road', and the final shot show officer entering a police van.