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YFA 78



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection made in the spring, with their pet dog having pups, and a family trip to the Lake District.

Title – Springtime 1939
Intertitle – Whiskers welcomes spring with a brand new family

David and mother are in the garden with three dogs.

Intertitle – David superintends at feeding time

David holds the dog still while her three pups feed from her.

Intertitle – Then playtime

The pups play with their mother.

Intertitle – Another mother lends a hand

Mrs Beardsell holds a plate of milk for the pups to feed from.

Intertitle – See how they grow

Again the pups, now a bit older, play with their mother in the garden.

Intertitle – Motherly instruction in "safety first"!

More playing by the pups.

Intertitle – Soon all the family take meals together

The pups feed from their mother as she feeds from a cup.

Intertitle – The grass is grand for romping

The pups and their mother play with a hat on the large lawn.

Intertitle – But flower beds are best for hide-and-seek

The pups play among the flower beds.

Intertitle – Wallflowers are certainly fine this year

Much of the garden flowers, rockery, shrubs and trees in bud are shown in close-up.

Intertitle – Just the weather for a run to Lakeland

The car is loaded up with luggage, and they set off, filming parts of the journey from the front of the car.  They drive around one of the lakes, passing cars going the other way.  They stop next to a lake and David gets on board a small motor boat, from which they film as they journey across the lake, with David holding the steering.  On their return David takes a walk through some woods.

Intertitle – Then back on the open road for a straight run home

There is brief film of the journey home.