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YFA 4457



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Made by members of the Harrogate Cine Club, this is a picturesque film which includes footage of things connected with spring such as like baby animals and flowers.

The film opens with an intertitle featuring a river, swans, trees and flowers which reads: "Springtime".

A poem on the same background follows:
"This year ahead
What will it bring?
At least we may be sure of spring.
Blossoms and birds and budding trees [scroll]
Thank God we may be sure of these".

Sheep and lambs walk down the lane, with the farmer walking behind. A cyclist passes in the background. The camera then looks at some birch trees.

People on horseback gather ready before a hunt, dressed for the occasion. There is a large pack of beagles running about around the horses. In the background, there is a crowd and also a pub. The riders make their way down the lane.

In trees up above, there are nests with birds flying around. There then follows shots of flowers around the town. In a greenhouse, a young girl and woman walk towards the camera, looking at flowers. The Mayor and Mayoress also observe.

At Hampsthwaite church, two little girls wearing white and yellow dresses, with yellow flowers in their hair and holding bouquets, walk towards the camera. A woman in a wedding dress walks down the same path, linked with her father. She wears a veil and a long sleeved, high necked dress. They all pose for photographs.

People walk around a pond in a park area. There are shots of daffodils followed by other flowers and trees. A tortoise crawls out from under brown leaves, well disguised in its surroundings.

On a field, a lamb lies down and licks its wool. Another lamb attempts to feed from its mother. Sheep run around together.

Two geese swim on a pond with their goslings between them. This is followed by a shot of four eggs in a nest. Although they are not shown hatching, the next shot is of four baby birds in the same nest. There are also swans with their cygnets, and then more geese, this time walking about on a lawn with a little boy watching in the background.

The film ends with more shots of Harrogate town and its flowers.

Title - A Heritage film. Photography - F.S. Brackenbury. Titles and Editing - N. Brackenbury.