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Made by amateur filmmaker Robert Brunger, this compilation records the 1974 Skelton Carnival, which was introduced in 1966 to unite villagers in Cleveland’s ironstone mining region. Skelton teens parade in platform boots with glam rock props, and there are juvenile jazz bands and a Carnival Queen in this July parade of floats. The parade snakes down the High Street to the recreation ground, where events include motorcycle stunt riders in Native American costume and a giant hot-air balloon that takes to the skies. The compilation also includes general views of the Skinningrove Works in 1970 under British Steel Corporation’s public ownership.

Close-up of a Skelton and Brotton District Carnival programme cover for the event taking place during the week of June 28 to July 6.

Bunting is strung across the Skelton village High Street in preparation for the carnival parade. A brass band marches down the street at the head of the parade. A horse-drawn carriage carrying ‘Miss Skelton’ carnival queen and a gentleman in a red coat, accompanied by a police man on horseback, follows along behind. People watch from the kerbside as the parade continues, with children in fancy dress, a truck carrying school girls and placards that read “educational” and “spiritual”, a float with children in fancy dress decorated with banners reading “The Old Woman In a Shoe”, two juvenile jazz bands (one in emerald green uniforms), children in fancy dress riding on a truck decorated as a ship named the “S.S. Lollipop”, a float advertising Cleveland Industries, and another juvenile jazz band in crimson uniforms with green sashes. Next in the parade are the float for Skelton Youth Club featuring a drum kit and teenagers in glam rock gear with platform boots, pretending to be a pop group next to a silver moon prop (probably a reference to singer Gary Glitter), the Jessica Robinson Dancing School float, and another marching band, heading towards All Saints Church (in background) on the High Street. A crowd of people and a line of cars follow the parade.

The carnival continues at a park where a marquee is set up for the entertainment. A large crowd is gathered in the grounds. A horse-drawn carriage is driven into the park by the gentleman in bowler hat and red jacket. Motorcycle stunts take place, the riders wearing Native American headbands. A man in a Native American feathered headdress pours petrol on the stunt jump and sets light to it, three stunt riders then leaping through on their bikes.

Police dogs are put through their paces next. Then, a giant hot air balloon is inflated and rises into the air swiftly, a solo passenger waving from the basket. The balloon travels high into the sky.

Various general views of British Steel Corporation’s Skinningrove Works follow.