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YFA 3671



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Demonstration of the strange sport of Knur and Spell on the North Yorkshire Moors.

North Yorkshire Moors.

Full titles read: "SPORTSHOTS - Popular sports and Pastimes under the Cine Camera lens. KNUR & SPELL."

C/U of Jim Crawshaw who the narrator Charles Eade (Sports Editor of the Daily Express) describes as "the greatest player of Knur and Spell."

Several shots of the equipment used to play the game which includes a ball called a "potty" a strange shaped stick which is chalked like "billiard queue." M/S of the "Spell" which is the device used to fire the ball into the air. M/S's shots of Crawshaw hitting the device several hundred yards.

L/S of a chain being used to measure the distance of the shot. L/S's of the watching crowd cheering and waving their hats in the air as Crawshaw hits the ball. C/U's of flat capped crowd members drinking beer from glasses. Good slow motion shots of Crawshaw in action.