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YFA 4785



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This film, made by Bootham School, York, features student sporting events such as football games and a brief sequence of athletic events. There is also a sequence that shows students on a camping trip.

The film opens with long sequence showing a football match between male pupils at Bootham School. The filmmaker captures various shots of the game including the many attempts on goal, tackles and saves; throughout spectators can be seen standing around the edge of the pitch. The sequence concludes with a view of the spectators walking away from the pitch.

Shots show a flooded street on the banks of the River Ouse in York, before the filmmaker shows a mixed doubles tennis games. A boy is then shown entering a canvas tent before we see another boy shyly trying to avoid the camera. Shots capture the boys knocking in tent pegs and having an outdoor meal on a bench.

The boys are then shown swimming in a shallow part of the river, before trying to get some rest in their tents. An older male student then holds a fish up to the camera and laughs. A panning shot then captures the entirety of the camp as the boys (of various different years) set about taking their beds outside. An older male student sits on a bench using a razor, foam and a handheld mirror to shave his face. There are then shots of students longing on the grass in the camp and views of their tents with washing strewn around them. The sequence comes to a close with younger students playing football in a field nearby.

The final sequence opens with an older student standing before the camera wearing a trench coat. The final shots show athletic events which include sprints and hurdles.