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YFA 5722



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This is a film by Doug and Norah Brear of Wakefield Cine Club.  The film features various leisure sport activities, including yachting, gliding, powerboats, scrambling, go-karting, car football and grass tracking.  The events are accompanied by a wry understated commentary. 

The film begins with a montage of various leisure sport activities, to the sound of a cheering crowd.  Among the scenes are gliding, motor racing and an event with a large crowd being filmed by an ABC television camera.

Title – Sports Time 
Title – filmed by Doug Brear

The film resumes with yachts on a beach and then out at sea, and later in a harbour.  It moves on to gliding, showing a glider being towed up into the air, and being filmed from below and filming from inside the glider whilst in flight.  

Moving onto power boats, the narration remarks that this is a rich man’s sport, before moving on to motorcycle scrambling, “pursued by those with more modest means”, but which requires “a certain physical strength to withstand all the jolts”.  The motorcycles race around a muddy circuit.  

Next to go-karts, first with the juniors, 12-15 year olds, and then to the seniors, again both racing around a circuit, with a description of the machines.  Following this is a crazy game of football/hockey being played with two teams of cars (mostly Ford Cortinas) on a field, with the passenger leaning out of the window hitting the football towards a goal with a hockey stick.  

Finally, we go to a grass tracking race, where cars, either altered commercial ones or made from scratch, have been heavily adapted with crash bars and replaced engines, to race around a track, often hitting each other and crashing.  After the race on a dusty track, the battered cars have some repairs and the spectators leave. 

Title – The End