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YFA 5757



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This is one of a series of television advertisements produced for the Yorkshire Post in the early 1970s, aiming to promote the paper as a national, and not just a regional, newspaper.  Several of them, like this one, feature the actors Yootha Joyce and Tommy Godfrey.

A man in his jogging gear arrives at a newsagents.  He brings the day’s delivery of the Yorkshire Post, which is picked up by the shop keeper, played by Tommy Godfrey.  The man says he is in training for football and asks for a copy of the Yorkshire Post.  Godfrey retorts that he thought he would want a sporting paper, to which the man replies that the Yorkshire Post has it all.  After a bit of banter, the shopkeeper’s wife, played by Yootha Joyce, brings in a cup of tea and says that Leeds are winning the football match.  The film finishes with a sign for “Yorkshire’s National Newspaper.”