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NEFA 21708



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A home movie by Austen McOlvin Laws of his daughters sports day taking place at the Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School in Jesmond. The film also features a group of children parading along Harbour Road in Beadnell, a cyclist speeding past a house during a race and water-skiers off the coast of Beadnell.

The film opens on the sports field of the Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School where girls in green uniforms take part in a number of races. In the first they have to dress in a blazer and put a number of items into a bag before racing to the finish line. In the second race the girls participate in a three-legged race followed by a sack race. The film cuts to show girls taking part in the high jump on another part of the field.

The film changes to show younger children taking part in a race watched over by some of the high school girls. A crowd watch as three women come out of a pavilion.

The film cuts to a front garden of a suburban house and a girl skipping [dark].

The film cuts to a group of seven children walking along Harbour Road in Beadnell. At the front is a young boy carrying a flag, and at the rear the oldest boy pushes a toddler in a pushchair. The child in the pushchair waves at the camera. The film cuts to show the group marching in the opposite direction along the road, this time pulling the pushchair with a piece of rope.

A view from an upstairs window of a house shows cyclists taking part in a race, speeding past along the road below followed by a number of support vehicles. Across the road standing beside a farm gate a couple watch proceedings.

On a rocky shoreline two young girls pick through the rocks. The film cuts to show an older couple walking along the quayside at Beadnell. The film ends on views of water-skiers speeding past along the coastline.