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YFA 4809



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This film documents a school sports day at Blenheim Boys School in Leeds. Also included is a school trip to Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales.

The film opens at the Blenheim Boys School sports day which takes place at a sports ground or pavilion. Industrial chimneys can be seen on one side. Spectators cheer participants on from the side-lines, waving house flags (blue flag with anchor - Nelson house). A blue and white van with megaphones can be seen in the background along with a row of buses. The students take part in various races, a sack race, three legged race, high jump, shot-put, a relay race and a tug of war.

Next is a trip to the Yorkshire Dales. A group of students get on a bus and wave to the camera as the bus sets off. Once they arrive in Ingleborough, the boys walk around the town, crossing a bridge over a river in the countryside. They sit in a group beneath a waterfall and then walk behind the fall. There is a shot from distance, and the camera travels up and down height of the waterfall. Footage is taken from the top of hill of students on the ground below. They climb up hill towards and past the camera. The film closes as the students explore an art gallery, looking at artworks pinned (not framed) to the walls. Finally there is a shot of a stained glass window.