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NEFA 22128



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton of a school sports day taking place at Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth. As well as events featuring the pupils of the school, the film also features a race for girls as well as fathers. Following a tug-o-war between two groups of pupils, the film ends on a presentation to a number of the boys.

The film opens on the sports field at Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth and a group of boys running towards the camera. The boys follow this with a sack race. A sprint featuring a number of well dressed young girls follows, one of whom falls flat on her face.

A number of male teachers stand behind a line of boys who race along the track and back as part of a relay race. The boys walk off the track.

In the near distance a line of well dressed men wait before racing along the track towards the camera. About half way down the track the men bend down and pick up a small object before walk the rest of the way to the end of the track.

Two groups of boys take part in a tug-o-war and the film ends with presentations being made to a number of boys who are now wearing smart red and black striped blazers.