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YFA 5635



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Filmed around Chirk, near Wrexham in North Wales, this film shows the carving of traditional Welsh love spoons. It also takes a look around Chirk village and the medieval castle.

Title – Spooning by J Eric Hall

The film opens with a sign reading ‘Border’, with an image of a red dragon. In the small high street of Chirk village, a woman browses fruit and vegetables outside a grocer’s.

Henry Robertson’s railway viaduct and Thomas Telford’s aqueduct are seen from across a field, with canal barges making their way across the latter on the Shropshire Canal and into the Chirk Tunnel.

Chirk Castle is seen from a distance. A car enters the grounds through the ornate 18th century gates, and visitors stroll around the castle and its gardens.

At a caravan park, an older man, who the commentary identifies as Bill Brooke, sits outside his caravan with an assortment of small pieces of wood and a saw. An ordinary wooden spoon is seen compared with another with an intricately carved handle.

Mr Brooke takes out a range of paper templates and traces a heart onto a piece of wood, followed by a lock shape. He sands down the bowl of the spoon before beginning to carve the handle. He uses small tools to make holes in the wood, to round off the edges and to add details.

Bill’s wife, Nancy, returns to the caravan and sits on the doorstep, watching him sand the spoon. A second woman joins them, and Nancy brings out a bag of finished spoons of varying sizes and designs, including one small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

The film ends as Mr Brooke holds up his finished spoon next to a plank of wood to compare the two.

Title – The End