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YFA 350



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This film was made by Charles Chislett as a commission from the Church Pastoral Aid Society. It aims to promote the work of the CPAS by focusing on the relevance of Christianity in the modern world.

Intertitle - England Today
Intertitle - What perfection modern invention has reached - L.M.S. at speed

A steam train is filmed coming around a bend, and a goods train leaves a marshalling yard. Inside a car factory, work is being carried out on the assembly lines. After showing some of the production process the finished cars are shown lined up.

Intertitle - What it means

A large area of factories, with smoke billowing from their chimneys, in Sheffield is filmed from the air. One of the factories is Hadfield's Ltd.

Intertitle - Modern technology transforms the cotton world

Inside a cotton factory, men and women are working on the mechanised looms.

Intertitle - The ship of the day needs vast dockyards

Dock labourers unload cargo from a ship. Frozen carcasses are loaded onto a lorry, with the following written on the side, 'Faircloud, the eagles are off to the Sea, are you?'

Intertitle - Around them huddle the dwellings of the workers

In a street of terraced houses mothers are out with their children playing. Washing is hanging on the lines.

Intertitle - Amusements to provide a change

There is an empty racecourse and betting stalls.

Intertitle - Slum clearance often intensifies the problem

There are streets of terraced housing; then some new flats where children play, and crowd around for the camera. Workmen are building more houses and flats.

Intertitle - The spectre of unemployment today

Crowds of mainly men gather by road side. A lorry goes past carrying beer barrels.

Intertitle - While the old districts suffer, new factories are arising. The Great West Road.

Billboards have adverts for factories for sale or rent; outside Firestone Tyres Factory.

Intertitle - Cowley

The front of the factory is shown, and a housing estate. A vicar inspects a group of boy's brigade before they march in procession, followed by the band. One boy demonstrates some exercises, followed by more athletic demonstrations by all the boys.

Intertitle - New housing areas. Dagenham

The housing estate at Dagenham is shown: then St Marys Parish Church, with the board showing the vicar as Revd. Hartley S Brook.

Intertitle - The C.P.A.S. is helping to prepare workers at the University

Students are shown in college grounds, and there are more colleges, possibly Oxford. Some pose for the camera and hold up a sign advertising a talk they will give. They then hand out leaflets at a factory.

Intertitle - But the society stands especially for seeking the people in their home

Outside of a newsagent's, a vicar talks with a shop worker.