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YFA 5938



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker Joh (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  This is slightly whimsical story of a man substituting his car for a bicycle. 

Title – The Special Task:  the story of a man and a shortage of petrol.

A man arrives home in his car and goes inside while reading a newspaper.  He goes back outside and walks around the block and knocks on the front door of a house.  Another man answers the door and gets out a bicycle which has a registration plate on the front.  The first man hands over some money to buy the bike and rides off back home.  Later, once at home, he retrieves the bicycle from his garage.  There is a petrol can on the rear carrier.  The man rides off.  The film closes with the man polishing the grill of his Hillman car before going back indoors.