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YFA 4093



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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this is a documentary film about people with disabilities who do various jobs at a workshop during a typical working day. The workshop is located at 57 Pellon Lane, Halifax, and the film is accompanied by a commentary.

A woman gathers together some cake foils and deposits them in a recycling bin located beneath a sign saying 'Spastics'.

Title - Spastics At Work

One of the users of the workshop collects the silver foil from the bin - one of the sources of income. He places them into a hand machine for pressing them and the compressed foil is placed into bags. Another resident makes a component for a lamp and fixes a lamp together, one of the first jobs undertaken when the centre opened in 1961. Other users are all engaged in this kind of work, such as putting on the power cord. One of the users has to do this one-handed. The finished lamps are packed into cardboard boxes.

In the next scene, the users re-use micro-film jackets by getting rid of the old film. Other tasks include packing the nuts and bolts for steel shelving, packing clips for 'clip art', putting products in plastic bags for sale, putting the plastic sleeves on fire distinguisher brackets and rolling up swabs to be used in the operating theatre of a local hospital. David and Jackie are stripping bobbins for use in a local textile company. Others are making packaging materials. After a day's work the users get ready to go home. They are taken home free in a minibus by Calderdale Social Services. The commentary thanks the volunteers and welcomes visitors.

The End