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The following travelogue includes footage of holidays in Spain, Gibraltar and Tangiers. Also included in this reel is footage taken at the filmmaker's home in West Tanfield, North Yorkshire as well as a trip to Shropshire. Intertitles are used extensively throughout the film to describe the accompanying footage.

Title - 1965 Atalaya Park Hotel, Spain.
Title - The Hotel & it's [sic] surroundings with full Olympic size bathing pool.

The film opens with an exterior shot of the hotel and its outdoor swimming pool.

Title - The Hotel is names after the Watch Tower called in Spanish an "Atalaya."

The hotel has been built next to the old watch tower.

Title - An Attractive Water Garden as we approach the dining room.

There is a shot of the garden and interior of the dining room.

Title - Hiring a car for a few day s - we visited "La Ronda," a very old town up in the hills.
Title - La Ronda After a long run through the mountains - we sight the Monastery.

The surrounding town can be seen, nestled in the hills.

Title - Being a Fiesta day, the girls are dressed for the occasion.

The town is filled with local townspeople, and families walk with their little girls who are dressed in colourful, ruffled dresses.

Title - A 17th century old bridge over 200 feet high.

There is a shot of the bridge.

Title - The usual castle on top of a mountain.
Title - A Stork nesting.

Following footage of the castle and its nesting bird, are additional scenes of the hotel pool.

Title - Overlooking the hills at the rear of the Hotel.

Title - In the distance - the white building is a church & beyond is the Golf Hotel.

There is scenic footage of the hillsides.

Title - A call at - Gibralatar [sic]. About 30 miles away
Title - Gibraltar The old original Harbour.

The harbour is shown from an elevated position.

Title - Feeling the Barbary Apes.

The filmmaker's wife feeds the apes.

Title - A London plane lands on the air strip.

There is a brief shot of the air strip.

Title - Looking across to Spain.

Looking across to Spain, there are shots of the coastline and further out to sea.

Title - Visiting "Torremolinos" we launched at the hotel Pez Espada. A most beautiful hotel.

Title - Hotel Pez Espada. Water cascades down the wall to cool entering the dining room.

There are scenic views from the hotel dining room and a brief shot of the air cooling system.

Title - Breakfast at Atalaya Park.

Title - A sea trip to Tangier from Algeciras - staying a night at Tangier.

Title - Passing Gibraltar.

Title - Approaching the North African coast & Tangier.

Title - On a tour round we were shown the usual sights - the native dances - your photo on a camel - the casbar etc.

A group of dancers, all dressed in white, perform a dance.

Title - For many centuries millstones have been cut from the walls of this cave.

There is a shot of the cave.

Title - One of the few water taps in the Casbar.

Title - Part of the old Sultans Palace now a museum.

The palace and surrounding area can be seen, and traffic passes by.

Title - The French Consulate.

Title - The Main street.

Title - After staying the night we return via Algeciras.

The filmmaker and his wife board a cruise ship and return to their hotel. Following this is more footage of the hotel pool.

Title - The End - of a most enjoyable holiday.

The next part of the film begins with the title - 1965 Spring at West Tanfield

This section of the film opens with a shot of caravan parked in an open field. There are also a number workmen who clean and sand a wooden structure, possibly part of a house frame. This is followed by footage of the scenic surrounding countryside, a fast-flowing stream, and farmhouses which has been shot on a grey and somewhat dreary day.

Title - The Mill House. Mrs Heddon's Home & Garden

Exterior shots of the house and gardens in full bloom.

Title - The Scottish Cadets in Ripon Market Place.

Sword dancers perform in the middle of the market, and after which, cadets march through.

Title - Late Sep't - The River in full spate. A young canoeist was nearly drowned this day but managed to get out luckily.
Title - He got to the Caravan in very poor shape. The Police, Ambulance, & Fire Brigade were all out searching for him.

The river is very high, and it flows quickly over the rapids. The authorities visit the caravan.

Title - Leashowe. Shropshire.

Older couples are gathered on the front porch of a house. They sit out in the sun.

Title - Knolton Farm.

There are exterior shots of the farm, and the film closes with the family playing with a few large dogs in the garden.