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YFA 1521



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Made by members of the Leeds Movie Makers, this award-winning film is a witty animation using Lego Pieces. The characters are animated to the David Bowie's 1969 song, Space Oddity.

Title: 'Best Fiction Film Award Presented by The Leeds Cine Club for this film is the K. Jellings Cup' Leeds Movie Makers

The film opens with a spoof Metro Goldwyn Mayer title sequence showing a cat instead of a lion. It is accompanied with the captions 'Amateur Movies' and 'Metro Borthwick Horsley'

Title: 'Space Oddity' Words by D Bowie, Filmed by H Borthwick, Directed by D Borthwick and Starring Tigger on titles.' 'Filmed on location in Legoland'

In a ground control room made of Lego, the Legomen are animated to act out the lyrics of the song, similar to that of a music video. At lift-off, a rocket ship blasts off, and the control room is seen through a haze. Newspapers are shown with dolls shirts on them, and there is a space capsule. The astronaut gets out of the capsule and floats in space. Earth can be seen in the background. There is a sign for 100,000 miles and the astronaut's wife. The capsule catches fire, and the astronaut continues to float in space as seen through the portal of the capsule. The film closes, as in the song, with the astronaut remaining in space.

The End