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YFA 3448



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A film showing the day-to-day running of the Pump Room in Harrogate that housed a sulphur well and was popular with customers who went to sample the mineral water.

Title - Harrogate – Britain’s Premier Spa

Title - Here are over 30 natural springs of medicinal water – all different

Title - The best time for drinking the waters (as prescribed by your doctor) is before breakfast

Title - Scenes outside the famous Pump Room on an August morning in 1939

Title - At 7 a.m. the Pump Room is opened and chairs, tables and garden umbrellas are set out on the footpath in the chilly shadow of the building.

A member of staff slots an umbrella into a table outside.

Title - Other chairs, tables and umbrellas are placed on the wide footpath across the street and close to the entrance to the Valley Gardens.

More chairs are placed outside, and another umbrella lowered into a table.

Title - Next, the attendants barricade the streets which lead to or pass the Pump Room, thus making it safe for the water drinkers to pass to and from it in safety.

A sign on the street reads ‘Road Closed between 7 AM and 9.30 AM’. An antique shop can be seen beyond the Pump Rooms.

Title - Early on the scene are the news vendors, for here is the hub of Harrogate at this early hour.

A shot of a newspaper salesman and his cart.

Title - As the morning advances the deep shadows shorten and the sun relieves the early chilliness, and the visitors are tempted to the chairs near the Valley Gardens.

Customers are seen drinking the water from the Pump Rooms.

Title - It is still too early for the sun to chase away the shadows about the front of the Pump Room but the water drinkers stick to business.

More customers have gathered to sit at the outdoor tables and drink the water. A man in a kilt wanders across the road and one of the punters salutes the camera with his glass.

Title - Hotel messengers fetch the prescribed water for visitors who are unable, or are disinclined, to come for it themselves.

A boy in uniform is seen walking to fetch water for a customer.

Title - At the rear of the Pump Room is another door which is preferred by some as being less busy.

Smartly dressed men with glasses of water amble around outside the back door.

Title - The street barricades are removed about 9 0’clock, but some of the visitors stick to their chairs until the porters gather them up also.

A few customers are still drinking in the chairs in the sunshine outside.

Title - Finally a waitress comes round to collect the empty glasses left on the tables, window sills and odd corners, and the Pump Room is closed.

A waitress in a white coat collects glasses from a window sill.

Title - The people you have seen “taking the waters” have all been served at the bar inside the Pump Room, but there is a tap outside, near the door, where sulphur water can be drawn freely by anybody at any time.

A woman draws water from the outside tap, which has a sign above it asking customers not take water “in quantities greater than one quart at a time”.

Title - Produced by C.R.H. Pickard of Leeds